If you have been around sports equipment, it gets wet from perspiration. In order to help dry equipment, we have developed the Hockey Tree. By hanging your equipment on the Tree, it has a chance to dry out and lengthen the life span of the equipment. For those tournament or travel teams, the Hockey Tree allows you to carry the Tree in your equipment bag and use at the hotel. There is nothing worse than putting on wet equipment for the next game.


  •  Portable
  •  Aluminum construction
  •  Corrosion resistant
  •  Lightweight
  •  Functional
  •  No assembly required
  •  Custom colors
  •  Durable powder coat finish
  •  Changeable spring clips


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Weight: 4.00 LBS
Width: 30.00 (in)
Height: 4.00 (in)
Depth: 4.00 (in)
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Finally a handy drying rack!

Hockey equipment smells and usually comes home soaking wet! Glad I found this rack to have a place for the guys in my house to hang their equipment...much better than draped over all my vents stinking up the house! If folds up and stores nicely during the off season, too.